A photo of Tom smiling whilst wearing a fashionable jumper.


Well here's the very short version. I am that bloke on the left. Originally from England I now live in Australia with my wife and rescue dog. I used to play rugby, but stopped in my twenties before my knees and back suffered. I now run marathons (LOL!) I was a fitness trainer and massage therapist in London working with corporate clients, sport teams and individuals. After struggling with my mental health I began to write about my experience and have since self-published the books on this website. In 2021 I began studying a counselling diploma to further my skills in supporting those struggling with issues in their lives. 


I now apply what I have learnt through my own experience with my coaching and counselling skills. I focus on helping clients to lead a purposeful, value driven and fulfilled life. You can find out a little more about what I do through my monthly blog posts, books or by contacting me directly.


I look forward to hearing from you,


Tom :)