This is more than a club, it's a gang. Jokes. It's neither. 

I wanted a friendly, safe safe to invite people to share their experiences and contribute to a conversation around mental and physical health. So I have created this forum as a result. You can only get into this forum if invited by a member and then approved by me after a little information gathering. I do this out of love and respect for the people here and to prevent problems arising by letting anybody in (Facebook, Twitter, etc). It also helps keep the fruit cakes, trolls and fucksticks out!


Right now the rules are being created, so I will have something available in due course. But let me make this clear, this is a space for constructive, adult discussion. It is meant to help the members, if it gets out of hand then I have final say in kicking people out.

Now I've made that clear I encourage you to think about what you would like to share or discuss. I have created a couple of groups to kick things off.

  • MrStevensWrites
  • Tom's chats
  • Tom's Podcast

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