Lost Connections

Lost Connections - Johann Hari

In my opinion this is not only one of the best books I have read on the causes of depression and anxiety, but the best gift a friend could ever give. So thank you James!

Johann Hari weaves his journey in developing this book with his experience of depression and anxiety like he was knitting a Christmas jumper. However this is not a book of "pain porn" as he puts it, but an incredibly well thought out piece of writing. From the start it hooked me with it's genuine storytelling and backs it up with research on each chapter's focal point. As someone with the attention span of a pissed gnat I particularly enjoyed the way Johann broke down the chapters into short sections. Not only did it allow me to reach a natural break where I could stop, but gave me the opportunity to sit and reflect on a point that I had just read, fully absorbing it. Above all else I felt validation for a number of things that I have believed true about the causes of depression. There was a moment when I shouted "YES!" whilst reading and I can count the books that have done that on one hand!

I would recommend this book to anyone because it is not just for those diagnosed with depression, it is about a much deeper and far reaching disconnection being felt in today's society. In its pages it identify the problems, but offers up the solutions for us all to ponder and hopefully act on.

The book Lost Connections by Johann Hari