The Noisy Mind

The Noisy Mind

The Noisy Mind 2.0 is here with a new chapter on sleep! Who doesn't love counting sheep?  Written from my experience with depression in a simple action focused format, my hope is that this will help those struggling with their mental health.


You'll find each chapter is setup as a week in time, so there are simple tools for you to use every day. Through an approach of little and often you will build a consistent practice for your mental health. In the beginning the tools will be easy, so that you don't have to expend mental or physical energy on them during times of crisis. As the weeks pass the tools will build in complexity, but will always be manageable. 


This version is in PDF format so the audio and video content can be found via my website or the links inside the book. The meditations are available on the website on the Books page or at the shop as free downloads. 


The file itself is in .zip format as it is large. As a result you will need a free program like WinZip to open it. If you have an Apple device you can buy it from the Apple Books app on your iPhone or iPad.


Here's to a calmer you,


Tom :)