Writing books

If you have seen the website over the last few weeks you'll have noticed some gradual changes. I now have The Two Faced Man book on my store. It took a little work because I found a few problems for Android users as I was publishing it and had to make some changes. You'll now find it on there as a PDF with free downloads of the meditations in the shop too. For now I've refrained from putting it on the iBooks store as I feel it's unnecessary and I want to keep it simple.

You will also have seen the mention of my book Mad Minds. To be honest the title is a working one and I haven't even seen if it's been used before, so that may all change. But it gives you a rough idea of what it'll be about. Yes it's about mental health! But it's a fiction book based on three main characters experience with mental health, all set in London. My plan has changed slightly for it in that I will be writing a few short stories leading up to publishing the main book. This is for two reasons. One is in order to produce and publish several smaller projects and the second is to help develop the characters and story for the main book. So keep your eyes on the Books page for the free short stories books.

I don't know if I mentioned it lately, but I have started to find my flow with writing. It has come to me late at night after a day of doing other things, of not thinking about writing and when I am tired. At that point it seems my mind is clear of distractions. I have utilised every single procrastination tool at my disposal from TV to food and am then ready to create. The downside is that this late night writing may ruin my new habit of getting up early, but we will wait and see!

Let me know what works for you when creating your art and drop me an email at tjalfry@icloud.com or use the chat function on this site.

Tom :)