Tom in 250 words

I haven’t been writing lately as I’ve been working on myself (when am I not?!) I’ve been receiving coaching over the last couple of months and the homework for this has involved taking risks that I would normally steer clear of. It has involved trying to speak my mind with people and challenging long held beliefs about myself and others. Frankly this along with working for myself has tired my brain out (it’s not got a great capacity for thinking). So I chose to step back from writing anything so that I could just focus on my business and improving myself, rather than trying to do it all.

It seems to be working as I challenge long held negative thought patterns. I feel calmer for sure, but mainly I am more aware of when I get angry or sad at the smallest things. I am able to delve a little deeper into why these emotions occur and accept them as a normal part of life without letting them carry me away.

I have had a couple of moments of creative writing in the last week, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The trouble with writing fiction is that you have to go to a place that doesn’t exist and avoid reality. This is the opposite of what I have been working on with coaching, so it clashes a fair bit.

But perhaps that’s just this author’s excuse for not writing as much.

Time to get back to it,