A summary?

The interesting thing writing these Lockdown Diaries is the guilt I feel if I don’t write a day. It is certainly less guilt than before, when my critical parent voice would kick and make me feel bad. On those occasions that internal voice would guilt trip me about doing something that was not necessary, but something I enjoyed. Fortunately with some training I now can interrupt that train of thought and take control. Now I am able to give myself a break if I don’t post everyday.

Having said that when I began daily journalling a month ago, I mentioned how much it was helping me to write. This is still true. I think a regular practice helps to rid your mind of the crap, in order to make way from some decent creativity. At the same time as saying that it is important to take some time off. I can sometimes feel like I am flogging a dead horse if I try too much.

So as per previous posts I can probably some the last few days up rather quickly and efficiently in this piece. Not a lot happened. I would say though that the repetition has been pleasant, it feels nice to have a regular routine that is unhurried and open. Although I have started to get more handyman work again, so I can see how it could be easy to fall back into old habits of work and no quiet time.

Words: 244. Target: 250. There are times when silence is the best action.