After Lockdown

After the Lockdown Diaries there must be something else right? When Lockdown ends, there must be something new. Undoubtedly at this current time my writing is nothing. There are more important things for you to care about, to put energy into. Unless you’ve been under a rock some of these things are Black Lives Matter, the destruction of our planet and inequality in whatever form it takes. But whilst I engage in supporting these crucial global injustices there are greater people than I that can educate you through their writing. I encourage you to seek out their conversations outside of the noise of social media in order to educate yourself.

My writing has always been one of self reflection and philosophising, yet I feel now is the time to take a break for something more lighthearted. Something that may make you smile yet still expose the ridiculous inequality, greed and selfishness within society. Now is the time for Tom to take a backseat and let my good friend Jame Stevens take over with his Ask Jimmy column. Stay safe, stay educated and fuck Donald Trump.


Tom :)