As lockdown ends…

We’ve come to the beginning of the end with our lockdown here in the state of New South Wales (NSW). As businesses opened yesterday for the first time in months it appeared that we were getting back to normal. But what is normal now? What does it mean on a higher level and what does it look like for the individual? Will we just go back to how we operated before as though nothing significant happened? Or will we use this opportunity to change ourselves and our greater impact on the world?

These are heavy questions for a 500 word blog post! To be frank I am not here to answer them (cop out!) But instead I’ll share my small opinion and encourage you the reader to think for yourselves before acting.

Personally I have loved lockdown as someone that feels more comfortable at the introvert end of the personality scale. There, I said it. Feels good to get that out. Especially as most of what I have heard has been the opposite. “I can’t wait to get back to normal.” “I’m so bored and over this!” “This lockdown is stupid and pointless.” I’m not here to agree or disagree with these statements, everyone can have their opinion. It’s clear that lockdown and the pandemic as a whole does not benefit extrovert personalities or those unsure of how to use time on their own.

Alex is a fan of lockdown

It would be a massive missed opportunity if we didn’t pause as individuals to ask ourselves “why am I feeling this way?” What makes us uncomfortable and lean away rather than into this discomfort? The latter is easy to answer. Leaning into difficulty, discomfort and challenge is, well, hard. We are programmed to survive by finding the easiest path, using the least energy for the greatest reward. But if getting back to normal means buying more stuff, getting back to being “busy” and distracting ourselves, then maybe we have missed the point.

We do ourselves an injustice by not investigating our pain and fears. Through hardship and a good lean into difficulty we find the real person underneath. We are challenged to grow, which brings with it connection and fulfilment in life. Sounds simple when written out like that doesn’t it?! But I’ll freely admit it’s not, it is challenging work. At some point in your life you may reach a point and think “is this it?!” Perhaps through open and honest conversation we can discard with the surface level bullshit and start talking about our fears and insecurities in order to begin working on them. In order to answer that question with “yes! This is it!”

After years of self development I can tell you that talking is the best way to deal with all that is in your head. Yes you can meditate, exercise, journal and use a thousand other tools, these are all things I’ve recommended in my book The Noisy Mind. But until you sit down with someone and explore what’s holding you back, you are just scratching the surface in understanding your self and living an intentional life.

For those that want to open up this conversation and talk then I am all ears, just send me a message. Here’s hoping you find your right path and create a new normal for yourself.

Tom :)