Book writing project 2022

I have deleted Facebook and Instagram this week and come away on holiday. The former didn’t instigate the latter; I wasn’t trying to escape temptation with a road trip, it was just a happy coincidence. As a result I’ve felt it easier to focus my attention on writing, reading and studying. I’m also finding my creativity is improving not only with my main book project for the year but also several carpentry projects. For me a lot of my learning and development comes through my hands on work and talking through challenges. So in letting go of the one sided posting through social media I actually have more mental space to engage in the things I’m good at and the parts I need to work on.

Social media departure aside I don’t have an interview for this week. Instead I thought I’d write about what I am working on with the year’s big book project because I will need your help!

Last year was fantastic for my creativity; I wrote nine books which challenged me to think deeper and listen to other people’s experiences. As a result of that I wanted to write a book that incorporated not only my knowledge and experience, but that of other people too. The aim is to inform readers about different psychological concepts. As with all my writing I will present this in a short and easy to read format accompanied with examples and stories from friends and colleagues from varied walks of life. My hope is that the latter part will make it easier for people to relate to and connect with. I can’t say that it will be a self development book because it won’t tell you what to do. My goal is to help readers see the many parts of their own psychology and understand that others experience can be similar to their own. I hope that this book will be a stepping stone for readers to learn more about themselves, connect with others in their life in a deeper, more meaningful way and perhaps seek professional help where needed.

Some of the topics I’m writing and researching for so far are:

  • Regret

  • Self esteem

  • The inner critic

  • Perfectionism

  • Procrastination

  • Imposter syndrome

These are just the beginning of this large book project. I am really interested in hearing from anyone that wants to contribute other topics that they struggle with. It could be talking on a deep level, anxiety at work or grief. That’s another three I’ve just added! Eventually I will edit and trim down the topics as the year progresses, but for now I want to know what you the reader think. Feel free to email me at with any suggestions that pop up for you.

Next week I will have an interview with my old friend Jim Palmer for the Why don’t men talk series.

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Stay sane, stay healthy,

Tom :)