Breathe and swing

As Sydney is reminded of how quickly the Covid situation can change, so are many cities and countries around the world. Unfortunately the timing of the recent spike here and in the UK has coincided with Christmas and disrupted a lot of family plans.

There is no doubt that this will cause a lot of emotional pain for people and it is ok to feel upset, angry and frustrated. But at some stage we have to accept the change and move forwards. The quicker we can do that the more we can enjoy the time we have, just in a different way to normal. If this year has shown us anything it is that change is a guarantee. Being able to move with that change will reduce* the associated anxiety and depression and how long we feel it. *These feelings are normal, so removal of them would probably be detrimental in the long run of our lives.

For our own mental and physical health we need to have a way to deal with this lack of control in the short and long term. Distraction from the disappointing situation through new activites or pastimes is essential in the short term, We now have so much technology, providing so many paths we can wander down to distract ourselves that this shouldn’t be a problem. If we are not with our loved ones we can video call them, have more frequent conversations about what we are doing instead or even engage in online games with them. By this I don’t mean Call of Duty, but rather quiz and boardgames hosted over video call for example.

In the longer term we need to create new healthy habits and routines and adopt mental health techniques to maintain a stable mind. Some of the tools I’ve spoken of before are great to add into any morning routine to help create a positive, yet realistic mindset. Whether it be breathing, doodling or exercise the important thing is to keep consistent in the long run in order to see any change.

Personally I have abandoned my training routine over the last month, but in its place I have been receiving coaching and started therapy, which will benefit me in a different way. Finding what works for you is half the battle, but taking action rather than revelling in the mire of disappointment will help you through this challenging time.

Here’s to finding your own path through,

Tom :)