Cheating on Lockdown Diaries

Ugh I am so far behind the lockdown diaries that I am going to cheat on last week by wrapping it up in one post. Unlike my Mum who’s diary writing involves scenic countryside walks involving hares and field of bluebells, mine are more like a crap episode of Eastenders. For my Aussie friends just go to YouTube and search Eastenders and you’ll get an inkling of what it is. I mean a TV series built around a pub and a square? Pfft. Right let’s get this over with quickly because I know you have better things to do than, oh no that’s right we don’t.

Last week was busy because I started working from home for Apple. I went from a laid back routine of online study, washing and procrastination to an intensive five days of work. I mean really it was hell. Actually I say work, but really last week was all about job training to support sales from home. It was a lot in a short space of time and by the end of the week my brain was pretty cooked. Unfortunately I am studying online at the same time, so I spent the weekend finishing of an assignment due Monday night. In some ways I wish I had gone to university when I was young, but I think I would’ve struggled just the same as I do now to maintain concentration and not get sidetracked. Once this lockdown is over I am heading back to the psychologist about that, but that’s a story for another time!

Highlights of last week were visiting my chiropractor Bill for treatment (lockdown makes the regular seem special) and a good amount of running. Neither of these sound particularly exciting, but any change to routine and the opportunity to get out of the house are special at the moment. One thing lockdown makes you appreciate are the little things. Anyway back to the needles. Oh didn’t I mention those? Yes unfortunately part of my chiropractic treatment involves dry needling in a piston technique. This involves Bill finding the worst trigger points, inserting a needle and pumping it in and out to release them. I make it sound worse than it is because the needles are tiny, although the fives seconds or so of muscle twitching is a little “gnarly”. However the upside is that by the next day my muscles have lost some tension and there are no lasting marks of abuse.

Aside from needles my run training has been progressing with four runs a week, building to a half marathon in June of my own creation. I have a friend in the Scottish isles who suggested we start a run club through Strava and then run a half marathon to keep us all motivated. So far it has worked well as I am not running about at work like usual and clocking up 10km+ on my feet for Apple. Perhaps when the Apple stores open up again I might have to change my training slightly. For now unfortunately that is still a distant dream!

Right-o that was last week. Nothing too exciting like i said. But this week I will have a post for each day tapped out. I am setting myself a limit of 250 words per post as little writing challenge and because nobody like to read long arse posts anymore. So tune in for Manic Monday’s post next up!