Climbing Frame Friday

Had a good run out with Andrew through the Botanic Gardens, past the Opera House and Barangaroo for 9km or so. In the last 2km we had to run sub-5 minute kms to make it back to my ute before the parking ran out. Amazing what you can achieve with a little motivation!

Outside of working for Apple I also have a handyman business and a personal training business. On Friday my client asked me to assemble a climbing frame for his kids. I didn’t think that it would be some kind of geometric, mathematical nightmare. But it was. When the instructions said it would take two hours with two people I thought nothing of it. Not because I was being a typical man (that only accounted for 10% on this day), but because so many times I’ve assembled things quicker than the manual. Once I began flicking through the 15 steps (which should have been 25) it began to dawn on me that this was most definitely going to require two people. I think it was the moment in which I had hold of 6 different pieces in one hand and four in the other that I admitted defeat. This was a job for tomorrow with another set of hands…

No idea what else I did Friday, but am pretty sure it involved drinking a cold beer. Apparently bottle shops have made three months worth of profit in a month!

Words: 245. Target: 250. Please drink responsibly. Or if you can’t do that just don’t be a silly tit when drunk.