Combo diary day

Crumbs where did the week go? I've fallen behind in my Lockdown Diaries. In the interest of everybody's sanity I am going to cheat and combine a few days to get back on track. I also can't remember past yesterday, which is proving problematic.

Tuesday. Ah yes. I am back into personal training, so I had a session on the Northshore with my client to kick off the day. Had a nice little trot around Balls Head with some exercising with other "keenos" at the Coal Loader. I can't be bothered to explain, just Google it.

Got home and hit the phones for Apple. Seemed quieter than last week, probably because of the stores reopening. Gave me time to file my nails and catch up on the goss in OK! mag.

Christ I almost believe myself. Back to handyman business this week. Started at a new clients place, lots of little jobs, satisfying stuff actually. In the eve I had SES (Google it) call, not much change there, one day I'll complete the training when we can go back. Undoubtedly finished the evening with an episode of The Mentalist (rewatching) and Grey's Anatomy (just slow to the party). Thrilling stuff.

Wednesday. The excitement was palpable that morning, got to see two different human beings and they weren't police officers (long story). It was our Wednesday time trial club run, social distanced of course! Neil, Catherine, Andrew and myself ran a one mile best effort past the Sydney Cricket Ground. It was "fun", by which I mean I was close to hyperventilating. However it's really the banter I go for, which was on top form from all parties as usual. That was meant seriously, not sarcasm (I know it's difficult to read). Got home did phones for Apple, same same. After that did more handyman again, same same.

Ooh excitement, I spoke to my Mum and Dad on a video call. They are alive and well and generally avoiding people as directed. I commended them.

Thursday. Today. A dry day. Not in weather, but in content to write about. Personal training again today, phones for Apple, handyman. Day done. Beer every night this week was needed. I like beer. Tomorrow I am attempting a fast 10km run. A friend has laid down a solid time, which I will attempt to get close to. However I'd like to roll out the fact that he has at least 10 years on me and is 20 odd kilos lighter. Plus I haven't eaten any pork roast this week for speed energy.

Words: 430. Target: well 250 x 3 = 750? Seems fair. Definitely a few days to pass over as I am feeling especially grumpy at the moment. Here's hoping a good run will sort me the fuck out.