DIY Social

I've been lucky enough to find and rent a small workshop space in Botany this month. Contained within a warehouse alongside carpenters, welders, joiners and hobbyists sits my oasis of 15 square metres. I am still making it into a warm creative space, but with recent additions it is coming along nicely!

During the time I've spent there working away on my own I have found a calm and relaxation that is lacking at other times. There is something about having to focus on one task to the exception of all other thoughts that is incredibly soothing. It is also great to be able to make mistakes and learn how to fix them without the pressure of it being work. It is a practice room for many different skills, not just carpentry.

This last week however I found another level to this new space when my friend Ben joined me to help with the build out. We spent two hours securing the workbenches and fitting shelves for storage. It was great fun to work with someone else and produce a finished product, even if there is a long way to go!

As a result it furthered a line of thinking I'd had about having a DIY social day once a month. It would be open to all with a small $5 charge to cover snacks and drinks. I thought it would be good to run through some basic DIY skills for anyone wanting to learn in a safe and friendly environment. I'd be keen to hear your thoughts if you live in Sydney and have an interest in learning a little DIY or just socialising in a different setting to the pub!

Until then you'll be able to see the workshop progress alongside my work project photos at my new Instagram @tomthehandyman

Happy trails,

Tom :)