Fantastic Fursday

It was neither a furry day or a terrible misspelling, but I was trying to say it in a decent Cockney accent. Although that should sound more like Fantastic Fursdee. Just picture Jason Statham in a moment of conciliation with his on screen nemesis, “let’s go dan The Cran (Crown), it’s Fantastic Fursdee mate”.

Following on from yesterday I said I’d talk about what TV I have been watching, so here it is! I’ve got into two shows on Amazon Prime in the last few weeks. Jack Ryan and The Man in the High Castle (TMHC). The former is fairly straight forward CIA stuff, but an interesting story line in both seasons that lends it a good deal of reality. TMHC I will describe as an alternative history line to the end of WW2 because I don’t want to give anything away in describing it differently. All you need to know is that in the series Nazi Germany and Japan have won the war and split the US in two. Surprisingly it is set in America rather than the more exotic landscape of Woking or Somerset, but I’ll let the writers off this once.

Today was Apple work on the phones followed by study. I seem to have missed a bit on the latter and have spent an hour fumbling around like a drunk man looking for his house keys, while trying not to make too much noise and wake his wife. Tomorrow is another day.


(Word count: 249 not including this. Target: 250. Ooft, had to edit, but snuck in!)