Fix-It Saturday

Weekly shop and coffee morning was achieved without incident. This week the boys at Soul Origin weren’t playing classic Biggie Smalls, which was a shame, it’s normally my nostalgia moment for the day. I think this is what I regularly hear pumping from the cafes kitchen:

After the “shop drop” at home we hit the Eastern Distributor and pulled out our passports for a trip to the Northshore. We met out park run crew to run 5km around Balls Head Reserve and Berry Island with a little post run coffee after overlooking the naval yard.

A swift drive into the CBD saw me drop my phone off at Apple to get the camera fixed before being punished with a sports massage for 30 mins. By punished I mean it was actually restorative, yet painful. Must do it more often. Restored I picked up my phone with a working camera. I haven’t missed it until starting handyman work again this week. It’s surprising how much I need it for that really.

Then came the piece de resistance the climbing frame! Part two of the frame build saw me and my client scratching our heads as we manoeuvred this multi part climbing frame into position to bolt it together. After a couple of hours (the manual lied in how long it would take) we finished a structure strong enough to land a Space X rocket on. Beer was a deserved reward.

Words: 247. Target: 250. If you are going to build anything, always double the time it says it will take, don’t trust your manbrain.