Friday Finally

Today felt like a more positive day. Not that the rest of the week has been particularly negative, but I had coaching this morning and that normally helps my mind a lot. We ran through some of the insights I’ve had over the last couple of weeks, which always helps me to make connections and see the bigger picture.

Took a walk down to the beach with a coffee after coaching call. It was bloody freezing and the waves looked like they’d taken half the beach with them during the night. Cut the walk short to get home and warm up, though that is difficult in a house with no insulation or heating.

On the phones for Apple was pretty quiet, clearly everybody was out staying warm through movement. I did a little work after that on my final essay, which is due on Monday. I have been resistant to studying since I decided it wasn’t for me. I currently feel like my mind is a donkey and it’s decided that it isn’t going anywhere. Fortunately I now know the secret to action, stress. I will smash out a particularly average piece of work over the weekend and be done with this course through sheer terror.

Usual running, food shopping, relaxing weekend ahead. Sunday we have a 20km long run to do. I have once again managed sweet fuck all other training during the week, so at least I’ll be fresh for a trot out like a donkey.

Words: 250. Target: 250. I do love hitting a target, except when it is a course that I don’t want to do, in which case I am terrible.