Friday Funday

Today in New South Wales we have an easing of the restrictions, so two people can visit a friend’s house. Perhaps it might mean the numbers rise again, but I think that’s expected at some point and everyone wants to try and start creating a new “normal” now. Obviously this is just in NSW, the rest of the country are looking after their own. But as the worst hit Australian state (no boasting) it feels good to reach a point where we can relax something.

Tonight we are seeing Dane and Caitlin for the first time in ages, so it will be a fun evening. Getting a bit emotional typing about it. Clearly my extrovert is fighting strong against the hermit.

Right what have I done today? On the phones for Apple as per usual, am loving the hours and monday to friday vibe. However I will have to give that up when I go back to store and need to prepare my mind again for losing my weekends. Ah well it’s all about balance, whilst losing that I will be gaining my team back and a lovely new Australian Flagship store.

Snap I forgot that Catherine and I ran Fartlek intervals this morning, 1 minute fast, 1 minute easy for 15 minutes. Was nice to run to feel and not a pace. Ran around the oval at Coogee to avoid people.

Started a 30 day mind, body and soul “tune-up” program with my coach Kristi. I achieved all three of the day’s targets, exercise, meditation and three pages of free flow writing. Am excited to be doing some coaching again as I had to press pause during lockdown in order to save the coins. Coaching has been a real lifesaver for me, it is not therapy yet in many ways it is that and more. It’s about opening up on what’s going on in this melon of mine, finding the causes and then re-training my mind in a healthier way. For me it is the best money I have spent in years.

On that note I am hoping to get back to some of my other businesses in order to make money again. Am going to restart PT next week as my client and I can safely socially distance and it’s all outside away from people and gym equipment. Then hopefully I can get back to some of my handyman clients too starting with all their outside jobs to stay safe for everybody. The new normal is going to be quite different!

Alright I am off to drink this beer and socialise. Enjoy the weekend!


P.S That image on my screen is from the deep house vocals playlist I was listening to. Check it out here.

(Word count: 441. Target: 250. Failed abysmally, but love it. In writing you can often get blocked, but when the words flow you have to run with it!)