Frolicking Friday

Skipped running this morning as I had a session with my coach Kristi, which included hypnosis. I’m pretty sure I haven’t mooed like a cow or started eating onions like apples, so that’s good. It’s actually not like the media portrayal at all, but involves a progression into deep relaxation in order to access the sub-conscious. I had a lovely chat with 10 year old Thomas and hopefully have begun to resolve some issues. Namely where my 1994 All-4-one tape went to.

Work on the phones for Apple was busy. I think I have developed my telephone voice enough now to run a side business. However it is really difficult to keep a husky female voice going for a whole day, must try harder!

Lots of work related training today. We had a good session for my usual role at Apple, which was both fun and challenging, not something you can usually say about work. I have been enjoying how we are staying in touch because I don’t want to become a complete hermit, yet. However I am not sure how I will handle groups of more than 4 people without barking at them to stay 2 metres away. BACK! BACK!

This eve we had our friends Nick and Chris over for takeaway and drinks. Great to see them and enjoy three bottles of bubbles and a little whiskey. Played “The Game”, which always shows you who is the most pissed, then finished the night with a few Britain’s Got Talent clips on YouTube. Lockdown social done right!

Words: 263. Target: 250. Sometimes drinking helps these posts, but I need to get the balance right.