Legover Monday

When I typed that title I was thinking about the physical hangover from running a long distance. Yet it could be just a really, bloody good way to start your week. Just make sure you ask first.

As per usual I was on the phones today. Really busy, which isn’t surprising because online phones are closed over the weekend at the moment. Some of the conversations I have had are interesting, but it’s not surprising if people haven’t been getting out much lately. For them I hope they are able to socialise a little more soon.

I forgot in yesterday’s post that I had my weekly DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) sojourn last night. Amazingly I managed to avoid getting my character completely battered by a mouth snapping at us from a treasure room ceiling. Still not exactly sure what I am doing, but it’s great to catchup on a game I missed out as kid.

I cooked my two pork bellies this afternoon in honour of Lydia and her amazing stock making prowess. Photos are enclosed for your viewing pleasure. I can confirm the crackling is suitably crunchy and artery clogging. I might even steam some veg to accompany some of it for dinner.

Tomorrow I am back into personal training with my client Sarah, which will be great for me, but perhaps not so much for her. As all our training is outside and restrictions have eased we shall be socially distancing our way to fitness. Hopefully she doesn’t box me in the head…

Words: 257. Target: 250. At some stage I will be waxing lyrical in an interview with myself about writing and how anyone can use it to help their mental health. Stay tuned for more details.