Lockdown Bites!

Following on from the incredible success of my NY Times bestseller* Little Bites, I present its uglier, bitter and foul-mouthed cousin. Written for those of us in lockdown, out of it or somewhere in the middle.

Lockdown Bites! is a book of daily tips to save you from murdering your TV set and setting fire to your office clothes. Its aim is to help you through this pandemic and beyond with a little laughter, a spot of guffawing and a tear or three.

Warning: Lockdown Bites! is not to be consumed in one sitting. Alcohol is not necessary but may help in digestion. Side effects may include giggling, snorting and other verbal farmyard exclamations. Always consult your doctor before commencing a course of Tom Alfry books.

*The Not Yet Times is a hugely popular underground free thinking newspaper in Russia, where it is known as the Nyet Times.