Lockdown diaries: Day 1 Easter Monday

I am extremely late to the party with my own lockdown diary. I took a break from social media as I felt that there was just too much noise out there, a lot of which wasn't helpful for mental health. I took the view that the WHO and the Australian Government information was all I really "needed" in order to help prevent an explosion of Covid-19 here in Australia. The rest was just anxiety porn and extremely destructive for the mind, despite its best intentions. That meant I didn't really think it worth writing for a time because the stories from people struggling across the globe were much more important to read.

Perhaps not much has changed, but recently I have been reading my Mum's diaries of her experience of isolation in the UK and it has inspired me to start my own. I can tell you that these won't be as heart wrenching or as important as those of people suffering directly with Corona virus. So If you haven't read those then I encourage you to look them up for a dose of reality, we can all do with grounding our egos. This diary instead will be light hearted with a little introspection and philosophy, much like my other writing. I find writing a cathartic experience, so that is my main driver for doing this. If you haven't tried then give it a go!

Easter Monday

Today is the end of the Easter weekend and it has been a relaxed affair, which is saying a lot since I've done sweet FA for weeks! I would like to say that we would have been off water skiing in Byron Bay, or snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef up in Cairns if it hadn’t been for lockdown. But I would be a bigger liar than Pinnochio. Despite living in a fantastic country and city, we have not ventured much out of the bubble of the Eastern Suburbs for some time before the lockdown began. It does after all require money, but more than that it requires a will of effort that has been lacking. After a busy week the last thing we feel like doing is travelling away from home. Fortunately, with plenty of time to slow down it is much easier to see what is important and worthwhile in life. Once we get out a big bloody road trip is on the cards.

Back to the relaxed affair though. We went for our fourth consecutive run this morning, no chance of being a sloth like my spirit animal. We headed North from Coogee to our friends Café in Waverley to grab a takeaway coffee. Sadly they weren’t open, but at least I had the motivation to get home quickly for my caffeine hit at X74 café. I got into drinking coffee back in London when I was personal training at stupid o’ clock and needed a roof over my head between clients. Well coming to Australia has only cemented my enjoyment of that drug, it is a bloomin’ art form here. The community of each café is also akin to a local country pub back in the UK, not so much in feel, but in the talking to random strangers, sharing of disdain for politics and discussion of the weather.

After coffee Catherine and I did a 20 minute workout session over Zoom video call with friends in Sydney. I have decided to do these more regularly as a way to stay in touch with people and help keep friends active, whilst getting my lazy arse out of the office chair. I do sometimes forget how much I enjoy catching up with friends.

Most of the rest of the day was spent drifting between our lounge and the hammock on the patio to enjoy some Vitamin D. I have two books on the go, so it’s not difficult to while away the hours of a bank holiday at the moment. Catherine enjoyed impersonating a gecko in the hammock whilst reading a little Lynda La Plante.

After the sun and relaxation I cooked a traditional Easter supper of sausages, mash, broccoli and gravy. I jest! It was less tradition and more a nostalgic supper, an easy one to prepare after a day of lazing. Naturally much chocolate was consumed, which I believe is another traditional Christian thing.