Manic Monday

I may be reusing these post titles, I am not sure. I just write down the first thing that comes into my head and don’t check previous posts for what I have used. If I cared more I would go back, but I’m committed now, so here goes.

Monday was a rest day after a bloody long run of 16km. If this had been last year then 16km would not be a “bloody long run”, but a middling one. As I am not running a marathon this year there’s no need for ridiculous 2 hour plus jaunts. However to qualify for the best damn toasted banana bread around you have to run at least 15km, it’s the law. At least it is the Banana Bread Crew (BBC) law, which was created last year mainly in order to motivate me to get out of bed on a Sunday and hit the tarmac with Catherine and Andrew. There is no better motivation than a slab of toasted banana bread, butter dripping from its surface chased down with a smooth flat white. Food is honestly the main reason I run.

Other than recovering from Sunday not much else happened on Monday. It was a light day. I worked the phones for Apple for 5 hours (I am only a part timer) and probably enjoyed a walk, although I can’t be sure. Some days just aren’t all that Hollywood.


(Word count: 238 words, not including this. Target 250)