Meat shakes bring all the boys to the yard

As per usual we met Andrew at 7:45am near Central station for our long run training. Today I chose to run up Devonshire (surprisingly long steady hill) and into Moore Park. From there we took the Curly Wurly footbridge (my name, not official) over Anzac Parade to the SCG. By this point we were clocking some fairly speedy kms and they only got fast when we hit Centennial Park. The Parklands has closed the park to traffic on the weekends which is a godsend to cyclists, runners and walkers as the numbers are more controlled in the park now. It meant we could sail along on the roadside without being near anybody, social distancing heaven! Into the last few kms of our 15 total and we were clocking 4:45s, which was a challenge for this lump, but nice to push hard. In the end we averaged 5:20 per km and feel good for the half marathon in three weeks time.

Catherine and I enjoyed a little relaxation with some stretching and a movie before heading to the beach to play Kubb which is incredibly good fun. I also reckon you could play it on your own if you were in lockdown or just didn’t like people. Alcohol is optional but may hinder your gameplay.

Post Kubb I drove to my friend Novem’s to collect a brisket that he had spent 18 hours slow cooking. I can confirm it is meat heaven.

Words: 248. Target: 250. “My meat shakes bring all the boys to the yard…” Missy Elliott.