Miss Blog Post #21521

I can’t claim to have been that productive over the years to have reached 21,521 posts. To be honest I have no idea what the total from the different blogs I have written would come to. Knowing me I may have begun 21,521 posts, but never finished them! No this is merely a new naming convention to avoid having to think too hard on a title. It’s also handy as a reference point being the date and all. Expect this number to jump about a little though as I write posts as frequently as I shave, once a week if lucky.

New book released!

I wanted to use this post as an update on my book writing goal of publishing ten books this year. So far I am on track having released book number three last Friday. The Grumpy Man Project is a book of comedy and self reflection, meant to be taken with a pint of salt. It is a series of grumbles about daily life, with some balance provided by my “chill” self. You can download a sample via Apple Books now and it is available to purchase there and on my website for $1.99.

Next book in production

My next book set for release in June is called Reflections. It is taken from my recent attempt (once again) to use a gratefulness journal and the realisation that it is just not for me. This is not to say I dismiss it as a tool, but rather that I find self reflection time to be more effective for managing mental health and developing ideas. The book provides examples of the common thoughts and feelings that I have experienced in the past as well as more ongoing challenges. With these examples I attempt to demonstrate the power of taking time to listen to what’s going on inside, rather than avoid it through distractions. Visit my Facebook or Instagram for updates on book releases.

Breaking fingers…

This week I broke my hand in a “Hulk” moment. I won’t go into details here because that’s what I pay my therapist for! But I have to say it has been a positive experience, not just from the feeling that I am making progress in my own mental health journey. But also because it has opened a small window into the challenges that people with disabilities face. Simple things we all take for granted suddenly become a puzzle to work out. Such as how do you wash your good hand when you’ve broken the other? Or how do you hold down a chicken breast in order to cut it into small pieces for your dog? These are both small obstacles in the grand scheme of things and yet those with disabilities potentially face hundreds of these each day just in their own homes. With the previous paragraph’s mention of self reflection I think it is worth all of us taking a few minutes to think that over.

Books read

I have recently finished Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning and Cal Newport’s Deep Work, which is great because I am bloody miles behind in my quest to read 50 books this year (currently 11 down).

Frankl’s book is his account of what happened to him in the Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War and how this experience helped him to develop his thoughts on finding meaning. In the second half he describes his psychology practice of Logotherapy, which in some ways was way ahead of its time, yet so apt for the world we live in today. In saying that I think that great wisdom is timeless, no matter when it was produced. We only have to look back to Marcus Aurelius and Seneca to name two Stoics who produced wisdom that can apply equally as well to today’s busy society as it did to the Roman times. I feel with everything that is happening in the world today this book is a great read for helping you move forwards.

Cal Newport’s book Deep Work is another excellent read from him on the benefits of reducing shallow tasks and idle time use in order to do the “deep work” of our lives. Not only is a great read on the philosophy of digital minimalism, but it provides a comprehensive framework to put this into action and get shit done (my words not his). For someone that can flit from one idea to the next I have found this extraordinarily helpful in plotting my schedule out and getting a lot more writing done. Despite being non-fiction Newport weaves anecdotes into each chapter in a way that keeps you captivated and wanting to read more.

That’s all folks!

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Tom :)