Monday Largesse

Monday was not full of gifts to others, but I like the word largesse, so we will “amp up” Monday with it.

I was on the phones for Apple today, lots of chatty people. That is saying a lot coming from me, but nevertheless I can hear that people have been cooped up. Even though I like time on my own I know that we are social animals meant for connection. Social distancing and restrictions play havoc on many areas of our lives, not least our mental health. For me it feels rewarding to be able to talk to strangers and help them out, even when they aren’t buying anything. There’s a lot of good that we do in small ways and right now we need a lot of that.

Had a couple of walks today with Catherine, one in the morning on a route that is becoming our regular and the other at dusk to blow out the cobwebs. A few of the books I’ve read this year have spoken about the benefits of walking for creativity and mental health as whole. I certainly find it is a great place to be able to converse without distraction, or a moving meditation that lets you process thoughts and feelings. All this is quite unusual as I would only really enjoy walking before if there was a pub at the end!

Tonight I played DnD with friends from work. My character got battered, but survived, barely…

(Words: 247. Target: 250. I told you last time I’d get under that target, even if it means cutting off the entry.)