One mile Wednesday

No alliteration today, only wankers use that.

The crew ran this morning in a socially distant manner. Neil, David, Catherine and I ran a 1 mile time trial to set a new benchmark and mix training up. David has just got into running more lately, so he was getting out of his comfort zone and smashed it. Neil turned up late and was hungover (read still drunk), yet still smashed it without spewing. Catherine destroyed her mile and undoubtedly helped me with mine as we had done a staggered start. In the end we clocked the following:

Tom: 6:31:

Catherine: 7:22

Neil: 7:29

David: 8:27

A great push by team PB (Prison Break). Next week another mile or a repeat of the 2km?

Slower day on the phones for Apple, which was nice. I seemed to get a lot of older customers, and people just wanting information, Chatted with a fun 90 year old gent who introduced me to a couple of photo editing apps I’d not heard of. It’s great when you get someone who gets so much out of the tech and it makes a difference to their lives. He told me he’d just discovered voice memos and had sent some to his son and grandson for their birthdays.

Studying is going badly. Tomorrow I am going to get up early and do some before work, just don’t have the brain power in the afternoons.

Ate pork belly again. Feel like Henry the eighth.

Words: 250. Target: 250. Is this a first? On the nose with the word count?! Pork belly should always be consumed with vegetables to help offset the fat.