Saddle up Monday

Went out on the bike for the first time in ages. Not the motorbike, that’s just in my dreams. No my “push” bike. Cycled south to Maroubra beach, had a coffee and did some stretching while I watched the ocean. Always surfers there, so it is a cool spot to while away some time. Coffee dosed me up for the hills on the way back. It really is a powerful thing when taken correctly.

On the phones again. I do enjoy it, but dislike the sitting down. Tried to stand up for part of the day, but got lazy and ended up sprawled across my chair with my feet in another. Productivity was higher in that reclined position though. Had some good chats with nice people.

Post sales I went to meet a new handyman client. Now that things are easing I am back doing personal training and handyman work to help invigorate my finances and build my savings back up. Had a nice couple of hours fixing stuff before heading home for pre-dinner block walk with C. Was nice to stretch the legs, good for the brain.

Dinner was steak and veggies. I only bring this up because we’ve found this excellent steak from our food market, which I have been cooking really well. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but the secret is finishing the steak off in the oven after sealing it.

Words: 239. Target: 250. Not everyday is exciting, certainly not in lockdown. But the little things in life do matter.