Salubrious Saturday

Went to the shops early to do the weekly food sourcing. It is much nicer to go before 8am than when the masses turn up post lie-in. One of my family friends used to go to the 24 hour Tesco after midnight because he had the place to himself, except for the “crazies” and “pissheads”. Shame we don’t have that in Sydney, I’d be there in a shot at 1am, after the pub.

Once at home I indulged my inner child with a game of Fortnite alongside my two friends Dave and Sparrow. Fortnite is a comic style shoot-em-up in which adult gamers (apparently that’s me) get destroyed by 10 year old kids, while they abuse us over their headsets. I fear for the world when they are in charge. Despite that it’s a great way for us three intro/ambiverts to talk without the pressure of a video call.

After gaming I took Catherine to the chiropractor to get some treatment to help her week long headache. Steve and Bill our chiropractors are excellent at keeping our bodies in working order, though I wouldn’t want to piss them off as they could crack walnuts with their little fingers. Whilst C was getting adjusted back into a normal shape I gave Alf Stewart (the ute) a thorough clean of his cab. That’s not a euphemism mind you, I mean it literally, I don’t enjoy mechanophilia.

Words: 239. Target: 250. The rest of the day wasn’t really worth writing about, it was CHILL.