Saturday is the new Monday

The strange thing with weekends now is that they are just time to spend with your loved ones (or on your own) whilst enjoying the simple things in life. Those simple things being chores, jobs that you have put off for months and then lying in a hammock. It's an interesting mix and one that isn't without its pitfalls, but mainly because there is only one hammock.

Today I built an office chair to start working from home on Monday. It has wheels and if my spare room was not carpet I'd be able to roll my way to do everything in the flat. But it's carpeted, so not so much fun for this big kid. Fortunately it is comfortable and supportive. Although I won't know how much so until the end of next week. Tune in for a thrilling update.

I feel quite important having my own desk to work from, even if it is just our kitchen table appropriated for the purpose. The upside is that it is huge, so I can comfortably position my tea, snacks and work paraphernalia without worry that I might knock liquid over everything. The downside now that I have sat in the new chair is that there are some uncomfortable table braces sat directly on top of my thighs. Each time I stand up I look like I've tried to apply a tourniquet to each leg. No wonder my feet feel numb.

We went and ran hills this morning. I don't know why I didn't start with that because it is quite an achievement. For someone that has run several marathons it is still a struggle to get me to run anywhere without the promise of some sugary treat and a large flat white at the end. Fortunately I had the flat white before starting, so I was reasonably chipper to do these fast hill repeats. Only 9 weeks until iso half marathon (probably just running away from other people for two hours).