Saturday Mission Shopping

It has been a busy few days, so I apologise for the lack of updates and I will have to pull my old catchup trick here. I just have to rewind my brain and see what I can remember…

Saturday morning was the weekly shopping blitz. One thing I appreciate from lockdown is getting up early on a Saturday morning and getting that shit done before all the clowns descend on the supermarket. The easing of restrictions has frazzled minds, people are losing their shit and forgetting what social distancing means. Just because we don’t have it bad in Australia now doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I will be avoiding shops, restaurants and people as much as I have been, I AM HERMIT!

Sorry got off track there, blacked out for a moment with social distancing rage. Post shopping headed to the Northshore to train my PT client with a little run around Balls Head and Berry Island Reserve. It was a gorgeous morning for a run and felt like a holiday to be somewhere different.

The rest of the day was a blur of heavy relaxing. I have been trying to read the book “Running with Sherman” at every opportunity, so I made some good headway on that. Highly recommend it even if you enjoy running as much as inserting cocktail sticks under your nails.

Words: 229. Target: 250. I’ll keep it short for today, cos there’s a lot of days to catch up on…

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