Saturday Social

We had a small lie in this morning after a later night than usual for us (11pm shock horror) catching up with Dane and Caitlin. Now that some restrictions have been eased we played board games and chatted at our place for a few hours. We then raced to the shops and did the quickest weekly team shop ever! I feel we now have our routine with this down pat, so I am expecting some food hop PBs in coming weeks. The less time spent near strangers the better in my opinion.

We had to race around the shops in order to get home for a Zoom meeting we had setup with our friends Sarah, Ally and Shelly in order to exercise together. We have been doing this for a few weeks now, at least one or two sessions per week of bodyweight training. As much as the exercise is a great start to all of our days it is also great to keep in touch, something which ironically can be harder to do now that we have more time, because it is easier to be a hermit.

After that we took an exercise walk down to the beach to say hi to Dane and Caitlin who were swimming. The water is a good temperature at the moment, especially as the air temperature has dropped over the last week. We took a walk and picked up a coffee whilst admiring the teal colour of the ocean from afar. There weren’t that many people there, which was nice to see and everyone seemed to be now respecting the exercise only rules of the beach. Let’s hope this continues as restrictions ease!


(Word count: 283. Target 250: So easy to waffle on eh!)