Sayonara Socials!!

I have decided to leave Facebook and Instagram...again! But bear with me as I explain why it'll only take a couple of minutes of high school reading...

a photo of Tom with a short haircut
Tom "I only smile for coffee" Alfry

For years I've not been very good at self promotion and my own marketing. This has been in part due to my own inner critic, low self esteem and a tendency to scuttle my own ship before it gets going. The other part is probably having the attention span of a spider on LSD.

Despite this I had a great 2021 of solid psychotherapy, consistent writing and self publishing 9 books. I feel better than ever about the direction I am taking and my self esteem has risen to the level of mildly grumpy and cynical Englishman.

In this last 365 days my psychologist has helped me in understanding the inner workings of my mind and together we've begun to unpack the origins of many self defeating attributes. In turn I have committed myself to the biggest year of creativity so far and that has shown me what I am crazy about (excuse the pun.) Together these two things have developed a better understanding of where I can invest my time and energy in order to live a more fulfilling life.

And so I came to the conclusion that social media just doesn't fit in with my plan of local domination (not a typo). I told myself that if my website stats told me social media brought in the visitors I would reconsider. But it doesn't, at least not to a level I think is worth the energy. Over the last year Facebook and Instagram have brought in about 14% of visitors. Not a small amount to be sure, but considerably less than the direct and self marketed visitors at 55%.

My plan from here is to invest my time by promoting what I do in what is seemed as old fashioned and laborious. I am going to speak to people. I am going to take time to listen, ask questions and engage people in discussion. I am going to talk to the people that like myself need help to improve their lives. And from that I will develop and refine what I am doing. No doubt it will take time and effort. But it will be far more fulfilling and much more in line with who I am as a person. If you've read this far and feel like staying in touch to read my posts and books just subscribe to my VIP list and let's see where this rabbit hole takes us.

Big love to you all,

Tom :)