Shine bright like a diamond

After last week’s more serious post I thought I’d keep this uncharacteristically short and sweet.

In order to focus on producing high quality writing and manage my workload I will be changing my publishing frequency. This means that I will only be posting a blog every fortnight and my newsletter every quarter. I’ve been influenced this year both by the impact of Covid, my pursuit of writing goals and the work of Cal Newport. The latter has shown me that deep work takes effort, quality trumps quality and our life’s work is important.

Alex the rescue dog curled up on the sofa
Alex the doggie diamond

It has been an absolute pleasure to write consistently everyday of the last year in contributing to Tom’s Ten, my blog, my newsletter and my own journal. Rather than have writer’s block I’ve found flow in the most unusual places and my creativity is burgeoning. However, I don’t just write. I have a handyman business, I look after our dog Alex (with Catherine helping too), I study part time, I look after the house and I am trying to start a new business venture. Except I feel I am failing on a few of these and if I am honest I feel a little washed out. I also don’t feel I have been a very good husband to Catherine in supporting her whilst she is earning the lion’s share of the antelope. And though I don’t care for the antelope I do care for Catherine.

This is not necessarily all a bad thing though. Difficulty times encourage change in order to garner a life that feels more balanced, nourishing and fulfilling. It almost sounds like the Holy Grail! Ultimately this means that you will see less of my regular writing and social media. My hope is that when you do see it you will enjoy it more. Not just because it will be rarer, but because it will shine a little brighter than all the other shit that’s floating around out there. If it works for De Beers holding back the diamond supply then I reckon it could work for writing too.

Stay sane, stay healthy.

Tom :)