Socially Sloth Saturday

We both woke up a bit rusty after last night’s socialising with Nick and Chris, so it was a slow start to the day. Walked to our friend’s cafe to get coffee and blow the cobwebs out. On the way back we popped into the local running store in order to get a water bottle for my running pack. My previous one seems to have “eloped” with my flamboyant purple Keep Cup, the two faced bastard.

Got some studying done for my final essay on the Closing the Gap initiative, which is really interesting as I knew nothing about the inequality experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. However, getting my head around the learning part is like listening to fingernails scraping down a blackboard. I just don’t have the focus to do more than an hour or two at a time of this kind of thinking. I have discovered that my brain works well if exposed to an interval format of work, eat, daydream, procrastinate, eat, work, exercise, daydream, daydream, nap, eat, work. Perhaps after this course I’ll have progressed a bit further than the 37 metres a day average that Brian the sloth covers.

Saturday evening we caught up with Dane and Caitlin in the evening for a game of Dominion. If you’ve never played and have enough friends to try it then I can recommend it. However if like me you are abysmal at strategy and prefer more “low brow” games then make sure you are drinking when you play.

Words: 245. Target: 250. I’m playing catchup with this on Monday and may have forgotten some more interesting lockdown details. However I doubt it, so be grateful I didn’t ramble.