Sunday 20km run day

Ran into town prepared for the wind to be cold and gale like. It wasn’t really that bad and despite a bit of gusting it remained dry and casually blustery until we got home. Met Andrew at Central and ran into the Botanic Gardens, up to the Opera House gate and then back to Coogee for 20km. Felt pretty average, but as I was running I did think that was only the second run I had done last week. The first was a mile best effort on Wednesday. Not exactly conducive to good performance. Must try harder HERMIT.

Catherine and I had prepared for our finish at home by buying a sandwich press from K-Mart and the best banana bread in the East from our local cafe. Catherine and Andrew had run ahead of me because I was suffering at the back and wanted to be on my own to waddle in. They got coffees from Coogee Beach and we cooked our banana bread for a great reward for our efforts.

The rest of the day was spent stretching and reading as per usual before a games night with our besties Dane and Caitlin. I was massively putting off work on my final essay as my brain had given up a few weeks ago. As I write this up it is Tuesday and it is done, thank fuck! I won’t be winning any awards but I got what I needed from it.

Words: 247. Target: 250. Same same every week really, but you realise that the small things are where the joy is. Banana bread I love you. Shhh don’t tell Catherine…