Sunday Banana Bread

Sunday has been and will be (hopefully) for a long time long run day. For all the marathon plans we have run it works out the best for many reasons. But more importantly than most of those reason long run day is banana bread day. Catherine and I got to run with our friend Andrew as restrictions have been eased and the three of us make up the Banana Bread Crew (BBC for short). To qualify for a toasted banana bread we have to run at least 15km, so it is a good motivation during a marathon program to ensure we (by we I mean I) stick to the plan. This week was a 16km long run and despite a disappointing false start on the first slice of banana bread we called in our “reload” option in order to enjoy a much superior slice a short time later. (I have just invented this “reload” option and am unsure of what it means, but feel it has incredible potential.)

After the long run we went down the beach to stretch and say hi to Dane and Caitlin (DC) before returning home for some relaxation. There were a few people down on the beach exercising and the lifeguards kept telling people to move off if they weren’t. At least we are going into winter here so that might mean less of a rush to the sand once restrictions ease. Later DC came round for games evening and we played Dominion for a few hours. I am still crap at it and often forget to develop a strategy, but it is good to do something that is social and doesn’t involve screens.

(Words: 283. Target: 250. Seems I am getting a bit “Chatty Cathy” with my posts. I will reign in the next one. CONCISE TOM, CONCISE!)