Sunday Funday

The titles to these posts are perhaps the hardest thing to write. I have to say that today's effort is lacklustre. Note to self: try random words next time.

Sunday is long run day. It has been this way for a number of years. This is because one day when I was learning to be a personal trainer or something I decided I should try it. After playing rugby for years I only really knew how to run moderately quickly over a v.short to somewhat medium distance. This proved impossibly difficult for distance running. I mean the secret is in the name. Hence why at first I just tried running, minus the distance bit. Anyhow when you do a course with other competitive fit people you soon start upping the ante. Not before long I was dragging myself round 5km, part loving it, part hating it and then I got injured. Anyhow the rest of that story is for another day. The lesson is that Sunday is long run day, Sunday = banana bread and coffee.

After our long run, which was only 12km this week, we did a friends workout. I can't remember when we started running these sessions, but they are great fun for the lockdown. I setup a Zoom video call and our three friends join us as we go through a few of our select bodyweight exercises. With my fitness trainer background and Catherine's gymnastics experience we make up a pretty good session. It also makes me feel better about the banana bread and coffee.

After completing some kind of strange duathlon I finished the day with my new found secret hobby. DnD! Or Dungeons and Dragons. Having missed it as a kid I am enjoying the creative story writing process and entertainment of playing. Hopefully it will help with my short story Lamynos the magic baker. We shall see.