Sunday Shmunday

Long run of 13km this morning. Still ate banana bread afterward despite not reaching the required 15km. Got to break some rules now and then! Felt pretty good actually which is probably because I’d only run once in the week and had a lot of nervous energy stored up from sitting down.

Shit. What else happened on Sunday. To be honest I am writing this post on Tuesday and trying to remember what the fuck happened. My memory is terrible. Not only that but you realise when you write everyday that most of what you do is repetitive, born out of habit. That’s normal, because if everyday was different our brains would explode. Our minds crave routine and safety, it would be mental if your fight and flight instinct kicked in everyday because you came across something different. I mean it’s no wondered that our cavemen and women ancestors didn’t live long, they’d have probably been dying of heart attacks from seeing all these deadly creatures.

Ooh that reminds me. On a side note I just finished reading Bill Bryson’s Short history of nearly everything. If you haven’t read it then I encourage you to give it a go. It was a pleasure to read and made me wish that school had been as interesting as that book.

I am now onto Running with Sherman. A book about an ultra runner that adopts a donkey and then rehabilitates it to run in an endurance event. My dream.

Words: 248. Target: 250. After thinking I wouldn’t make the target I conjured some BS and made it. You are welcome.