Tangy Tuesday

I skipped the intervals this morning. It looked and felt like a rainy day in London and I wasn’t feeling the love for it. It felt so much like home that I made a cuppa, some toast and marmite and watched the rain.

Was on the phones for Apple again. We announced the stores reopening with a restricted timetable and access from Thursday, which was good news to spread around. Perhaps not the best use of words there, but you get what I mean. It is great to be able to use my brain by working from home, however it will take some adjustment going back into store. I will have to remember to shower and dress in something other than three day old joggers and a pair of slippers. I am just glad there’s no video calls function because that would take “FaceTime” to a new level.

I am going to keep this post short as I have done a lot of writing today I am a little jaded. However tomorrow Neil and I will once again be taking on the SCG 2k Dash. Last week was the debut of this new challenge and we welcome anybody in Sydney that wants to join us to run at a respectable, socially distant 2 metres (or more if we don’t know you). I will be aiming for a sub-9 minute 2km and hope Neil will get under the 9min 30sec mark. I’ll let you know…


Word count: 248. Target: 250. You see even when I have nothing of mention, to mention, I can string along a few words.