Tantalizing steak on Tantalising Thursday

No that’s not a typo I just wanted to include my American and English compadres in spelling the same word and teasing them with the thought of a juicy steak.

Right this will be a quick one. On the phones again for Apple, chatted to two different customer’s about the pros and cons of MacBook versus iPad Pro. I won’t regale it here because I am trying to get more people to read these posts, not less. But they were a couple of fun conversations and a thoroughly rewarding day was had. NEXT!

Didn’t run this morning despite waking up at sparrow’s fart. Decided to take a walk up the hill to get coffee from our friend’s cafe and support them during this time of world fuckery. Got back in time for some eggs on toast before the above. (Note to self: start with the bloody morning routine next time, chronological Tom, chrono-logic-al.)

God this sounds like a Facebook post from ten years ago, next I went to the bathroom… I am currently doing this development course for myself, which seems to be helping with my writing. I think mainly it is just getting me into a habit everyday, much like this and that gets the crap out in order to get to the good stuff. On that there is something to be said for having a daily practice of anything, whereby it doesn’t matter if you are “good” at it, but rather that you just do it. This could be yoga, wanking, writing or something creative. Anyhow that’s for another post.

Words: 269. Target: 250. I could go back and trim 19 words out of this you know. But life is too short and there are days when I might struggle to get to 200, so I don’t want to jinx it.