Tempestuous Tuesday

Don’t be fooled by the exuberant title. The tempestuous part of Tuesday was building a desk from Officeworks whilst trying to read the world’s tiniest instructions. I achieved this without the use of my power tools (I am a glutton for punishment) up until inserting the drawers and finding them to be wonky. Builder error was noted, drill was located and the rails removed and repositioned. Peace reigned once more in the world and all was well However once in position, iMac proudly standing on top, my worst fears were confirmed. My modest thighs would not fit underneath. Without missing a beat I retrieved the two pieces of “handy” timber that have been waiting for their life’s work to begin. Once placed underneath the legs I had the room to sit at my new desk without concern for my knees. Photos are enclosed below for your amusement.

Other than work and the assembly of the new desk I don’t think I achieved much else. I mean this would be enough for many a man, but like Monday it was another “light day”. So light in fact that I didn’t run. Some days you just have to listen to your body and brain and figure out what is best. Sadly my spirit animal is a sloth.

I haven’t really spoken about the TV I’ve watched in these posts. Mainly because it’s about as exciting as, well, the rest of my posts. Fear not I will update soon!


(Word count: 249 words, not including this. Target 250. Damn that was close.)