Tenacious Tuesday

As with all my other posts the title often has nothing to do with the post or the day. Often it is just me using alliteration in the title. Was Tuesday “tenacious”? Well I did think it was later in the week, so perhaps it was holding on to me, dragging itself along slowly.

I was lazy again. I don’t think I’ve been very good at following this running plan. I am much more a competitive runner, by which I mean I need to be chased to do it. Sadly in Australia the Police carry guns and apparently don’t mind using them, so I can’t even get their help with my training.

On the phones for Apple. Not as busy as yesterday. Customers seem to save up their questions over the weekend for a splurge of spending on a Monday morning, someone has to keep the economy going. Today was more civilised with some nice chats, aside from a couple of “ranters”. It’s not surprising with everyone cooped up that a couple of people want to have a moan about something. I just smile and nod. Smile and nod.

At lunch I ate some of the pork belly roast I cooked. It was delicious, but perhaps not the best for my cholesterol. Am thinking of buying on of those blood testing kits to see how my diet is affecting my stats. The last blood test from the docs made me feel a little bit old.

Words: 247. Target: 250. Never did I think I could miss going to work. Strange how things turn out.