The end of the week?

Today is the end of the week. No really it is the end of the week. Or is it the start? Or the middle? Ah shit I don’t know anymore.

I began setting up my work iMac and the spare room from which I will be working for Apple for the next X weeks. The X is unknown at this stage and will probably depend on when the Aussie government decide it is safe for people to start coming out of their holes. We went to try and buy a desk, but that is like trying to turn water into wine at the moment. Officeworks is our goal tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Did some more Apple training today, so at least I might be able to remember my job when we get back into store. In fact this time is pretty good for doing all the training we might not normally get the chance to do. However it needs to be spaced out because otherwise we will run out of tasks before the lockdown ends. Speaking of lockdown my friend said it would be at least another four weeks before we are released on good behaviour.

A late afternoon walk was just what the doctor ordered, followed by the purchasing of some cold beers. Perhaps that’s why my walk was so brisk, I just needed the right motivation! We bought some veggie lasagne from our local café for dinner tonight, trying to support our businesses where we can.