Thors Day

It is bad when you have only written bullet points for your diary entry. At the time I probably thought it would work well to remind me what I achieved and help me develop it into a post that would read nicely. I was mistaken.

However I did get some stuff done, so there was some level of achievement for today. We began as most days do at the moment with a little jog, today was a recovery run day and so I took that to mean I should stop after 1km and get a coffee. So I did. It was delicious and I enjoyed a recovery walk home.

I managed some progress with my online studying, which varies from downright tedious to mildly annoying depending on how the day is going. Today was the latter and I was able to make some progress with the research if not with the writing. I think that is what is frustrating me the most because I spend so much time trying to find the right research for my topic and am yet to get down to much writing about it. Once I do I’ll smash it out as that should be the bit that I find the easiest!

I have to say that I am glad that I am working for Apple because day’s like today mean we have to meet up (virtually at least) in order to get training done. It’s one more thing to get the brain working and a great way to keep the spirits up by seeing my team mates. Plus without that organised regular training I would definitely be in full on hermit mode, perhaps more like one of those massive snails.

The other thing that helps with the lockdown is to make sure to get out and have a walk. It is so easy to get complacent and say “oh I’ll go out later, I’ll just finish doing this…” Just go out, take a walk, grab a coffee and say hello to people at a distance. You’ll be surprised at how much a 20 minute amble around the block helps you to feel less like a prisoner.