Three cheese Friday

Started the day with a bunch of needles being stuck into me by Bill my chiropractor. Always feels a bit weird when he hits the Mother trigger point and the muscle fires up like it has been electrically charged! Honestly the things I do for coffee. Joking. I do it to keep me moving after running for years. Anyhow he got one in my quad which fired the muscle so hard that my knee cap moved, even he was impressed! Just have to remember it’s worth the pain now for the relief tomorrow. Maybe a gin and tonic would be as effective?

Spent the day training with work over video calls. Always difficult to get motivated at the end of the week and take more information in when you are already feeling at capacity. Did wonder whether I could start drinking at lunch time, but didn’t want to ruin my weekend socialising with myself.

No pork today. I think I’ve eaten all I had in the fridge and will be saving the freezer boxes for a surprise meal another week. Ate a three cheese wrap instead. Brie, blue brie and cheddar. I’ll admit it was a lot of competing flavours and my heart rate climbed a great deal after it for some reason.

I’ve started writing about my previous lives after a conversation with friends today. Am going to keep them under 500 words, like a short story. Think I’ll aim for one a week as that’s doable. Does anyone remember Quantum Leap? Well if not then it’s going to be a little like that. Definitely losing the plot here and haven’t even been drinking…

Words: 277. Target: 250. Must remember to test my cholesterol…

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