Thriller Thursday

Who let this guy back in? No I am not Michael Jackson, just Tom.

Up early to get a bit of studying done. It went well for the half hour I had. Just got to stitch enough of these pockets of study together to make an essay. One that resembles a jumper knitted by your well meaning Nan that you don’t really want, can’t really give to anyone else and should just burn to cover the disappointment. At this moment if I can make a jumper out of the shit I am writing then I’ll be laughing.

On the phones for Apple. Was very quiet in the morning, so I read up on some of our accessibility training. Other than the technology in the devices, we have some decent training available to be able to support our customers with accessibility needs. Naturally there’s always more that can be done, but good to know that we have the resources to help a variety of different needs.

Went to the driving range to meet my friend Andrew. For some reason I thought it would be quiet, but it was packed, bastards everywhere! It’s one activity which is already spaced for social distancing and allows you to play with balls without being judged.

Sat down to write my daily journal pages. Last couple of days have been harder, probably because it’s about the deep shit. It’s got to be done and will help in the long run. Thinking of Robert and John who didn’t make it.

Words: 255. Target: 250. Sorry for the sombre note. Not feeling it as much today, but practice is practice and consistency helps me.