Tom's blog: The London Years

My idea was simple: take the mixed bag of blog posts I have written over the years and compile them into a few short books. Much like taking the ramblings of a very early pissed Hemingway and trying to make sense of the beginnings of wisdom it was a challenge. Some may say you can polish a 24 carat golden turd, but at the end of the day it’s still a piece of crap. This was my challenge.

Fortunately I surmounted that mountain by employing some serious editing (deleting the rambling, mad posts) and keeping it simple. I also gave myself a break, I wrote these posts in my early twenties as a naive young man yet to experience the world and all the ideas and differences it contained. The result is a book that demonstrates the starting point of all my later writing, a desire to help myself and others to improve our mental and physical health. The difference to others being that I wanted it to be simple, easy to understand and put into action.

So I offer you book number six of Tom’s Ten, which in a way is actually book number one. It is me talking, but I am yet to go through the darkness of depression and the numerous changes direction my life would soon take. That is for the next blog book.