Tuesday the day after choc fest

It is the day after choc fest, or as some people know it, Easter. I have been sleeping a lot more on lockdown. For some reason I feel like this is what prison would be like. Not so much the longer sleeping, but the routine. Get up, eat, do menial tasks around the prison, I mean home, try not to get stabbed by other inmates (a.k.a the wife), perhaps help on laundry duty or in the kitchen, at some point hit the gym (living room floor) and make it through to lights out with a riot breaking out. Note to self, stop watching prison dramas.

Had a rest day from running today and did a 30 minute walk instead. Considering I hate walking unless it is to the pub or for food this is saying something. It is probably because spending the day inside not moving about much means I have energy stores to use up. Even hermit sloths like me need to stretch their legs. Catherine and I have enjoyed exploring our local area, crossing the road and diving down side streets and back laneways to avoid people. When the Zombie apocalypse we will be ready!

I did some study today. Well I call it study. Others might call it procrastinating until you run out of things to do and then can focus for 10 minutes of work. But to me it is studying. What was more interesting was the facetime call I had with my mate Kristen. We watched a TED talk and then discussed it afterwards. Sounds extremely grown up, but was also fun and interesting just to talk with a friend about a common area of interest. Funny how we often miss these things when we can’t speak to people in person.

Got a good amount of writing down on the page and then in the computer. All work towards finishing off my book’s new sleep chapter. Am now on the final furlong smashing out some tools for improving sleep. Following my minimalist approach has helped me to focus for this chapter and not go too mad with content. That should mean it is still easy to pickup, read and then act on.

Despite choc fest ending yesterday I may have eaten half a bag of M&Ms. What’s worse is I feel only love and respect for myself at this achievement. My sloth game is strong.